REPREVE® fibre

The All Day collection uses REPREVE® fibre made from recycled plastic bottles.

Usually, polyester starts as a fossil fuel.

But things are changing and post-consumer plastic are transforming into high quality, durable, functional fibre.

So what is REPREVE®?

REPREVE® developed by Unifi, is a fibre made from upcycled plastic bottles.

Here is how the fibre is made

At one of the advanced recycling facilities in the US, plastic bottles are sorted, washed and chopped into flake. The clean flake is blended, melted and turned into REPREVE® recycled chip. The chips are melted again, and filtered and spun into threads through a process that resembles water flowing through a shower head.

Watch a video of the process here.

Compared to making what's called virgin fibre, making REPREVE® offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process.

Making a big difference for our future.