The word ‘dula’ is derived from the local Filipino language meaning play.

We specialise in wear that is needed to ‘dula’ and stay active.

Dula believe that we have a responsibility to halt the pollution of single-use plastics and stop them from damaging our pristine oceans, clogging our waterways and polluting our earth.

We are proud to confirm that all of our activewear is made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. And swimwear is made from Vita by Carvico which is made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon.

We hope to inspire others with our passion for sustainability because we know that plastic bottles and waste would look much better on you than in our oceans.

Our Story

We are a passionate couple who love the ocean and believe it should be free from waste. When we visited Siargao, a gorgeous island in the Philippines, and saw the locals ‘dula’ in the beautiful blue waters, we were inspired. We wanted to capture and take home with us that summer bliss that they portrayed while swimming in the crystal-clear blue waters under the warm rays of the summer sun.

And so, our project was born – with the aim of protecting our earth while enjoying the sun and the ocean. Sadly, once we returned to Sydney, we saw a staggering lack of passion for sustainability among major swimwear brands and generally in the whole clothing industry. We knew something had to be done.
So, we thought why not us?

Dula aims to conserve and preserve the virgin resources of our planet while diverting plastic bottles and other waste from polluting our waterways.
We hope to inspire many others and create a community of like-minded people who not only have impeccable taste in swimwear and activewear but who also care about our planet and its natural environments.